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Who We Are

Welcome to a new era of wellness with our personalized in-home training in Sarasota and Bradenton. With our years of experience, we have specially crafted training sessions for seniors and individuals on the road to recovery. Our programs are designed with the utmost care, ensuring safe and effective exercises that match your physical capabilities.

Want to start getting fit but concerned about balance and safety? Worried about one-size-fits-all programs? You will love our personalized routines that honor your unique health journey and goals. And for those who find traveling to a gym challenging, we bring the workout to you, in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Whether you’re looking to regain strength after an injury or seeking to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle in your senior years, our expert trainers bring the best of fitness and rehabilitation right to your doorstep.

Our Team

Meet The Trainers

Jeff Marland

CPTA and Personal Trainer

Jeff has been a Certified personal trainer since 2010 and later went on to get his Physical Therapist Assistant license in 2017. Jeff has worked with in variety of settings including sports medicine clinics, outpatient facilities, rehabs, skilled nursing, memory care and independent home care. Jeff was born in Connecticut but grew up here in Florida where he lives with his wife Stephanie and 2 kids Isabela and Grayson. He has a passion for helping his clients achieve their health and wellness goals to help them remain independent in their homes and to live fulfilling lives. Jeff also enjoys lifting weights, playing basketball, fishing, and going to Tampa Bay Bucs games.

Timothy McNevin

CPTA and Personal Trainer

Tim has been working as a PTA since 2017. He has clinical experience in geriatric and adult in outpatient settings, home health and skilled nursing facilities. Tim grew up north of Philadelphia area and played high school football and wrestling. He then found his love for Physical Therapy after needing therapy post ankle injury that was expected to sideline him for the football season. After intense therapy, he was able to come back before the end season better than ever. Thus, moving to Florida right after high school to fulfill his dream of going into the physical therapy field and helping people long term. He is a father of a 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter and husband of a wife he’s been with for 11 years. In his free time he enjoys being outdoors with his family, exercising, playing video games and doing carpentry projects around the house. He believes our body is a temple and what we put in it and how we use it will be a direct result of how we live life in the future. “Your body is your temple. You do your body good, your body will do you good.

Erin Little

PTA and Personal Trainer

My name is Erin Little. I have been a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) since 2021 and a nationally certified massage therapist since 2007. Additionally, I am certified as may Pilates instructor and have experience teaching both individual and group classes. My passion for sports has been a lifelong journey, and I have recently embraced paddle boarding as a new hobby in Florida. My interest in the human body and its mechanics has guided my career. I have a background working in a skilled nursing facility, providing rehabilitation services for short-term and long-term patients to enhance their quality of life. In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities and traveling. I have visited over 50 countries and continue to explore more. I believe in the importance of maintaining strong and healthy bodies to fully engage in the activities we love, and I am dedicated to helping others achieve these goals.

Patrick Thomas

PTA and Personal Trainer

My name is Patrick Thomas and I was born and raised in Bradenton, Florida. I became a PTA in 2021 and have experience with geriatric and in outpatient, skilled nursing facilities and independent living settings. I served in the Marine Corps for four years and achieved the rank of Sergeant before receiving an Honorable discharge and utilizing the G.I. Bill for a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy. I recently got married this year to my wife who is in the Radiology field and we enjoy going to the beach for sunsets, eating new food around town and the company of our dog and cat. I’m excited to work with each individual to achieve personal goals and help them get better with their health to improve quality of life.

Patrick Thomas, Personal Trainer
Courtney Harker, Wellness Coach

Courtney Harker

PTA and Personal Trainer

I’ve been working as a PTA since 2020. I have clinical experience with the adult and geriatric population in an outpatient orthopedic setting as well as assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. I grew up in Murfreesboro, TN spending most of my youth cheering, dancing and participating in gymnastics. I developed a true interest in physical therapy after I repeatedly sustained chronic neck injuries from weight lifting in the gym. I wanted to know the why and science behind it all so I could help others that were experiencing the same debilitating pain. Aside from the physical extracurricular activities, I’m a huge advocate for animal welfare and love to volunteer for different cat rescues. I’m a cat mom of 3 handsome fur babies myself. I’ve always had a life long dream of living in FL so I decided to make the move 2 years ago. I love everything about the beach, water, sand and yes, the heat!

Dipo Kolawole

PTA and Personal Trainer

Hello Future Clients! My name is Oladipo or Dipo for short. I graduated from Keiser University and have been a PTA for 2yrs 6months now. I also graduated from Florida State University receiving my bachelor’s degree while Playing Football there and pretty much most of my life. I love being active and playing sports. I got into this career because I love helping people and giving them the proper exercises and push they need to get or become better. I’m excited to be here and I’m really excited to share my knowledge and help you all out. Looking forward to meeting you.

Dipo Kolawole, Strength Specialist
Alex Gerbig, Fitness Instructor

Alex Gerbig

PTA and Personal Trainer

A dedicated Physical Therapist Assistant with 27 years experience, Alex is passionate about empowering adults to regain their independence and improve their quality of life. Alex honed his skills as a staff therapist and Rehabilitation Director in skilled nursing facilities, specializing in recovery from CVAs, orthopedic surgeries, and a variety of other diagnosises. Currently, he provides personalized treatment plans for clients with cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, and Down syndrome. Outside of clinic, Alex cultivates his love for nature through gardening. He also enjoys the competitive spirit of pickleball and cherishes spending quality time with his family.

Jeffrey Marland

CPTA and Personal Trainer

Jeff is a Physical Therapist Assistant and Personal Trainer who has been training clients since 2013 and working as a PTA since 2019. Jeff has experience in many different areas of health and wellness including working in a sports medicine clinic, gyms, home health care, skilled nursing and orthopedics.

Jeff has trained many different clients ranging from athletes to seniors and has experience with many different types of pathologies.

Growing up, Jeff played many different sports including basketball, football, weight lifting and martial arts and developed a passion for fitness as well as helping others to achieve their fitness goals.

Jeff currently enjoys playing basketball, weight lifting, spending time with his wife 2 kids and going to Tampa Bay buccaneers games.