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In-Home Fitness Training Exercises for Improved Range of Motion

Fitness workshop at Sunshine Strength

Working on range of motion is key to achieving greater body flexibility and overall health right from your own home. With specific and targeted exercises, individuals can experience a significant decrease in stiffness, while also lowering their risk of bodily injuries. Surprisingly, these exercises not only assist in increasing range of motion but can also […]

In-Home Fitness Training for Senior Flexibility: Mobility Exercises

In-home fitness training, designed specifically for seniors, is an effective way to improve flexibility and mobility. These exercise regimens consider the unique needs of older individuals, with low-impact workouts, balance routines, and strength training that promote total wellbeing. Surprisingly, many of these exercises are simple, like chair workouts or daily activities transformed into fitness routines […]

Tailored Fitness Plans for Seniors: In-Home Fitness Training Benefits

Senior fitness at Sunshine Strength

In-home fitness training can be life-changing for seniors because it offers workout plans made just for their needs and goals. It beats having to go to a gym since it gives them a chance to exercise in a safe and familiar place. Moreover, beyond the obvious health gains such as stronger bones, better balance, and […]